Mark Diomede- guitar, vocals

Bruce Wigdor- bass/keyboards, vocals


Bruce has played bass in a variety of projects over the years.   He is a member of the legendary jam band Solar Circus, and also currently plays in the band The Juggling Suns.







Musical founder of legendary jambands Solar Circus, and Juggling Suns.  Mark has played with nearly everyone who is anyone in the Grateful Dead musical sphere.  Currently playing in Lovelight, Mark Diomede band, PDB, Juggling Suns Project and more make him one of the hardest working guitarists in the business.

Joe Skladanek- keyboard, vocals

Joe is a skilled player and has been a part of the 

South Jersey Music scene for some time. 

Joe is a multi instrumentalist who plays guitar and keys in his other project " The Notion"


Al Olivero- Drums
Al is a muli instrumentalist and drummer who has toured nationally, and is also the former drummer of  hard rockers: Cerberus, as well as the current drummer for south jersey favorite,  Indelleble Groove


Heading 1

Vince Merlino- Guitar, Vocals

Vince is a talented south jersey guitarist with roots in classic rock and blues.  He is the founder of popular local band THE NOTION.


David Rowan-  Bass, Vocals

David is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments.

Jeff Schwachter- Guitar, Vocals

Jeff is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, big-time Dylan fan and doesn't play the flute

Past Members

Bob Naumchik- drums, percussion


Livio "Chipper" Miraglia- guitar, vocals


Michael Coyne- bass, vocals


Michael "Bucky" Robins- guitar, vocals

Bob Sannino- bass

Kenny Schnabel- bass

Michael Morrow- Guitar, Vocals

Danny Osterweil- Keys, Sax, Mandolin, Vocals

John Bigham- Keys, Vocals

Dana D'augostino Carroll- Bass, Vocals

Kenny - drums

Special Guests



Mark Diomede- guitar, vocals


Dom Phillips- guitar


Scott Smith- guitar


Tony Conlin- guitar


Mike Smith- guitar


Barney Lihn- drums


Kenny "Q" Quinones- drums, percussion, vocals


Mark DeVaul- keyboards, accordian, vocals, mandolin


"Slippery" Tim Brockland- trombone


Larry Larrabee- harmonica


Al "Little Big Horn" Weber- saxophone


Shanin Theiss- percussion


Michael Hoebler-percussion


Starr St. John- vocals


Bobby D- harmonica


Karen Nelson Mangold- vocals


Catherine Wilson- vocals


Joe Fuhrmeister- drums


Sean O'Dibble- percussion


Marci Segal- vocals

John Bigham- keyboards

Ras Michael- percussion/ drums

Tom Davis- guitar, vocals

Dave Steel- harmonica

Keith Snyder- bass

Dionardo Lovinci- bass/guitar

Steve Sprague Jr- guitar

Judy Nyari- vocals

Arlo Leeds- tambourine

Danny Albi- drums

Fauve Myers- violin

Joe Skladanek- keyboards/ vocals

Marty Schearer- keyboards/ vocals

Ronnie Penque- bass/vocals

Dan Barry- guitar/harmonica/vocals

Dean Rubenstein- guitar/vocals

Michael Orzek- guitar

Ryan Hickey- keyboards/vocals

Vince Merlino- guitar/vocals

Dr. Cheeko- percussion

Jeff Pearlman- keys/vocals

Bruce Wigdor- keys/vocals

Kevin Johnson- drums

Kenny C- vocals

Jason Ferguson- guitar, vocals

Steve Sprague- guitar, vocals

Mike Rosenow-  bass, vocals

Mike Galicia- guitar

Dan Donovan- drums

Richie "Shakin'" Nagan- percussion

Kenny Cabarle- vocals 

Marc Singer- guitar and vocals

Joe Knox- percussion

Dean Rubenstein- guitar and vocals

Matty Ellison- percussion

Alzie Sisco- drums

Fred Nahas- drums

Dan Donovan-  drums

Billy Siegel- keys and vocals

Steve O Nelson- percussion

Jeff Pearlman-  keys and vocals

Skip Vangelas-  bass and vocals

Richie "Shakin" Nagan- percussion

Jason Ferguson- guitar and vocals

Kevin Kopack-  bass and vocals

Nikki Davis- vocals

Paul Long-  keys

Chris Caltabiano- bass

Damian Panitz- bass

Nick Bachen-  bass and vocals

Travis Bridgen-  drums