Dead Reckoning, a 5 piece Grateful Dead tribute band from South Jersey, founded in 2014, performs Grateful Dead favorites in the spirit in which they were intended.  Their unique instrumentation and improvisational jams, along with a multi-decade spanning song catalog makes them an instant favorite among fans of The Grateful Dead's music.


Dead Reckoning is comprised of seasoned veteran musicians of the South Jersey music scene, and plays unique, marathon shows exceeding 3 hours.  Every set performed by Dead Reckoning is different, with few song repeats in multiple shows,  which keeps fans coming back for more.


Dead Reckoning also performs DYLAN & THE DEAD sets with acclaimed vocalist Jeff Schwachter.  Recreating the feel of the legendary union of Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead,

Dead Reckoning offers the world's ONLY Dylan & the Dead show. 



                                                       DEAD RECKONING

Mark Diomede- guitar, vocals, percussion

Bruce Wigdor- bass, vocals, keys

Charlie Wigo- guitar, vocals, percussion

Joe Skladanek- keyboards, vocals, percussion

Al Olivero- drums, keys

Vince Merlino- guitar, vocals, percussion

David Rowan-  bass, vocals

Jeff Schwachter-guitars, vocals (Dylan & the Dead)


     609-328-3268  Charlie Wigo- manager  



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Stage Plot